21 jun. 2018




She has won a GRANT at an ENGLISH SUMMER CAMP for one week.
Congratulations Ioana! Due to your hard work, your marks in every subject, your motivation  and your effort throughtout the whole year, you deserve this grant. 
Enjoy the summer and keep on practising English!

This program includes:
  • A free week at  a summer camp in English. 
  • 4 hours of English classes per day taught by native speakers and experienced in teaching children. Each lesson comes with her grammar and vocabulary practice the skills learned by hearing oral, written and reading.
  • Material academic and sports by the company: the students will be given the necessary tools to conduct classes and all sports equipment fit.
  • Many activities of leisure and sport for the rest of the day: workshops, sports, swimming, theme parties, disco, cultural excursions, etc.
  • Accommodation on a full board throughout the course.
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