24 ene. 2016



The TV station has sent  us a letter saying that next Saturday 27th February at 12.05 we can watch the programme Fish and Chips on tv.(Super 3)

Don't miss it!

23 ene. 2016


                                   INTERVIEWS :  VIDEOS                              

An interview in English

An interview in English. 5th A.

And now, we have got some pictures of this group.
They had fun and learned a lot of things such as working in groups, exchanging ideas, pronunciation in English, questions and asnwers, how to write this interview properly, and many more things.
If you want to see the pictures...

16 ene. 2016

An Interview in English

An interview in English. 5th B

During the last week our students in 5th B have been writing an interview, preparing the pronunciation, looking for their customes  and rehearsing their play. This is the final  product, a very funny show. They had a wonderful time!

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our tv programme...