17 dic. 2009

Wizadora episodes

I hope you enjoy with these funny episodes of Wizadora (a trainee witch) and all her friends.

These are the characters:

* Wizadora - Trainee Wizard
* Tatty Bogle - a dim-witted scarecrow that lived in Wizadora's back garden
* Stan the Shopkeeper - who regularly took delivery of new magical catalogue items
* Pippa the Postwoman
* Top/Sticky/Bottom - three talking drawers
* Phoebe - a talking telephone
* Filbert - a squeaking vegetable
* Dog Doormat - a barking doormat
* Hangle - a curmudgeonly talking coat hanger
* Very Old Fish - a cryptic talking fish
* Poot - Wizadora's computer

1. Phoebe calling

2. A red banana.


3. Happy birthday

4. The magic cloak

5. Can you fly?

7 dic. 2009

Christmas karaoke songs

If you like singing... you have got series of Christmas karaoke videos - they are a great way to learn Christmas carols and singing along is fun, too! We have 5 so far, and more coming soon...

Advent Calendar


t's December, and here is an Advent Calendar filled with activities for you to countdown to Christmas while you're waiting for the big day. (25th December)

Be sure to check the Advent Calendar every day for crafts, games and lots more fun things to do. 

Every day we've got a special, original Advent Calendar page as well as new printables, games to play, activity suggestions, videos to watch, jokes to enjoy and more!

Click on the right date and come back every day until Christmas to join in the fun!



 OUR ENGLISH BLOG (Sagrada Família - Lleida).

This blog is adressed to all our students. We hope you learn and have fun at the same time.

        See you around!

1 dic. 2009

Christmas activities


I hope you enjoy this page. Use MOZILLA FIREFOX. Click on the title of this activity, write the password, and practise your English with Christmas carols, games, decorate a christmas tree, build a snowman, sing with karaoke songs, etc.
Remember: This page will be available only in December. Come on!!! Have a great time and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Remember the password: tinsel

And now Press the button PLAY and enjoy the different Christmas carols.