30 sept. 2013

Move your body!


Students in year 5, remember to watch the video, listen to the song, read the lyrics, and move along!!!!! 


And another song to practise the parts of the body!!

14 sept. 2013

English Summer Camp (Home to home)

                           (English Summer Camp 2013)

This summer 2013 some students from primary and secondary school have gone to the English Summer Camp at La Molina. They have had a wonderful time.
English classes, sports, swimming pool, disco, games, paintings, dancing, singing... and much more. If you want to see the pictures, have a look and CLICK HERE!!!!


Last June some students from our school presented to the Cambridge Exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET and PET).

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your certificates have arrived. You can collect them at school.

7 sept. 2013

GRANTS (Beques)

GRANTS (Beques) by MEC 
(Programa Inmersió lingüística) (June 2013)

At the end of the last course I informed you about the English Summer Camp grants you could ask for. It was only for students in 5th, 6th year (primary education) and 1st of ESO. 

Two students (Palmira Salvador (5th ) and Marta Mora (1st ESO) were lucky to have the grant and their destination was Priego, near CUENCA. 

They highly recommend the experience, they had a wonderful time, they did a lot of activities, classes in English, sports, cultural trips etc. 

I hope this course, more people can join this grant and  enjoy these oportunities. 

And now Marta Mora explains her own experience.
She says:  "  I had a very good time! It was very different to the other English camps. This one was amazing! We were all the time speaking English and if there weren't counsellors, sometimes in Spanish :p
We did the Y-FACTOR that is the same as X-FACTOR but Y because it's YMCA's factor.
We didn't win the Y-FACTOR but in my opinion, it wasn't the most important thing to win. 
I think that the most important is the ECO-PROJECT. It consists of creating a party that will change de world. 
We had to make promises to improve the environmental problems. And we won! Our party was UPE (United Party for the Environment). We are very proud about our party and about us because we had been working very hard and at the end, we see that we can!
Another thing that I really like of the camps is the Daily Competition. It was a competition that we did every day with our groups. 
There were: MARMOTS (my group; 10 and 1), WOLVES (9 and 2), BEARS (8 and 3), FOXES (7 and 4), LYNXES (6 and 5) and EAGLES (counsellors). 
Every day we had a value; respect, efficiency, education, coordination, teamwork... 
I really like the way that they focus de camp; we were there to improve our English and to become better people.
To finish, I had a very good time, Ii won't change it for anything. :)


3 sept. 2013


We are in September. Holidays came to an end. We meet our friends and now it's time to get down to work again. This year we have a lot of plans, projects and activities to do.