9 nov. 2009

3rd year

  1. Numbers (a lot of games: choose and play)
  2. Numbers 1-100
  3. Numbers 1-10
  4. In the classroom.
  5. Numbers 1-20
  6. Timetable: Listen and write
  7. Alphabet match
  8. Days of the week 
  9. School subjects and days of the week.
  10. Places in the school
  11. Karaoke songs: Oh Susanna!
  12. THE USA (Activities The week in English)
  13. Colours
  14. Objects in the classroom. Song.
  15. At Toby's party
  16. Colours (2)
  17. The senses: what can your eyes see!

17. The time: A nice video

18. Family
19.Tea at granny's
20.Parts of the body (1) 
21.Parts of the body (2)
22.Audio books: Make up your own story
23.A body song and game
24.The family (2)
25.Write about Nick's family
26.A cartoon video: greetings

27.Parts of the body and actions: A cartoon video

28. At the park
29. At the zoo 

30. A STORY ONLINE: Angel, look out!
(When you finish reading answer the questions in the right box to make comments)
Angel meets lots of dangerous sea creatures in the story. What's your favourite sea creature? Tell us about it.
Where does it live? It lives....
What does it look like? It is..../ It has got....
What does it eat? It eats....

31. Wild animals
32. You can do your own story (fairy / horror / science fiction) 
33. Animals and weather 
34..Help Haiti (GAME)
35. Animal maze (GAME)
36. Quiz -  zoos
37. Animal quiz (and much more)
38. Interactive book: CAN (activities) 
39. Clasify these animals (game)
40. Animal riddles
41. Word by word (game)

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