30 abr. 2016

Sarea in Bucate: Honey, sugar and salt.

Puppet show in English:
                            HONEY, SUGAR and SALT

Last March, all the students in primary school had the opportunity to see a puppet show "Sarea in Bucate" (Honey, sugar and salt) at our school thanks to the collaboration of the Romanian Education Department.

It was based on a traditional tale adapted to English. We also had the visit of the consul of Romania and Mr. Cullerés (director of "Serveis Territorials d'Ensenyament" in Lleida).

Let’s see the photos! click here

WORKSHOP in English.

Before the play, in the morning, we had an activity related to this puppet show. The children in 3rd A & B had a workshop in English- The theme: LOVE.

Then the Romanian - English teacher explained to the children in the classes a short summary about the play.

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