16 ene. 2015

LIFE SKILL ACTIVITY AND COOPERATIVE                                                  LEARNING 2014-2015   

                                    Can/Can't         2nd A and B

Our students like working in cooperative learning and they do it very well. 
Students must work in groups to complete tasks collectively towards a goal. They learn, they help each other, they try to solve their problems, they explain to the rest of the groups their final result: a poster.  Then, they play a game with it. 
Have a look at the videos and the pics.!


Álex, Kaowei, Mar, Elsa

Biel, Clàudia, Silvia, Aina.

Pau, Nil, Natàlia, Rey.

Martí, Vera, Michel, Eric

Mar, Ona, Oriol, Emma.


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