2 oct. 2012



At last we have met our penpals from Canada. This year we have got a project with our 6-year-students.
They have got one PENPAL and they must write letters in English to practise all the vocabulary, grammar structures and everything they know to communicate with their new friends.
Today has been the great day... 27 letters have arrived and our students were SO EXCITED about it! They went on a trip to Montreal and they took some pictures.

Montreal city from the scenif viewpoint of the Mount Royal

Apart from that, they have written a poem about Canada in winter. 

Now it's our turn to write back, so, let's get down to work!!!!!

By the way if you want to see their school in Quebec, have a look at google maps

Ver mapa más grande

And now, you can see the photos of the different letters they are sending to each other.


This is our picture at school, and we have sent some photos of Lleida as well.

3 comentarios:

  1. Alba Porta Roca 6èA E.P Núm:21
    I like the photos of the letters and the photo of Mount Royal.
    You work very hard,Inma!

  2. And you too, Alba :)
    Have you seen the rest of the pictures? By the way... you can see where their school is if you go to google maps. See you!

  3. Alba Porta Roca 6èA E.P Núm:21
    Thanks Inma, I see their school, is very similar than the mine.