23 oct. 2010

Montsonis Catle


Last Friday 22nd October we went to Montsonis Castle. We had a wonderful guide, Sarah, and thanks to her we could learn a lot of things about the history, the costumes and the life in a castle. But the most important  thing was that we learnt and had fun in ENGLISH.  We played a vocabulary game and we were divided into 4 teams. The winner was Vicent's group.             CONGRATULATIONS!!!
We saw the entrance, the ancestors' room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the chapel, the tower, the celler, the dungeon... and then we went to the Monastery in Salgar... after the visit we had dinner, played and came back to school.

And now you can see the pictures. If you want to send your comments and/or  photos, please send an e-mail to englishsafa@gmail.com and they will be published as soon as possible.

3 comentarios:

  1. ho vam passar molt bé, va ser molt xuli i vam aprandre molt vocabulari d'angles,millor dit M'A ENCANTAT!!!

  2. loo mismo digoooooooooooo jajaja los millors el grup de la alba z eeeeee jaja estava yo

  3. jajaja...siisiii...vaam guanyaar...! ELS cracks...!;P

    Esther - 6è A