24 jun. 2014



                                                    THE POWER OF IDEAS

We are participating in a contest sponsored by Cambridge and the title is "The power of ideas".

You have to think about a hero and tell us what powers he/she has got and what the purpose of it is.

If you have ideas, please, send them to me (englishsafa@gmail.com) and I'll upload to the Cambridge website. You can do this during the summer and you can see your work published.

On this page you'll find the bases of the contest.

               (Click here) CAMBRIDGE CONTEST

Have a look at the different work done by your classmates and the original ideas that students in general have. If you go to BUSCAR (Search) and write Sagrada Familia de Lleida, you'll find our projects.

                                    PROJECTS (click here)

1 jun. 2014

A visit from the USA

A visit from the USA!

Last Thursday 29th May, Abril's auntie and uncle, who live in Denver, (in the USA), came to the class 2nd A to visit us.
Nash, her uncle, is from India and Marta her auntie was living in London and now in North America.  We asked them a lot of questions and we had a wonderful time.
Then, Nash gave some sweets to the children.

THANKS FOR THIS FANTASTIC AFTERNOON!  (There are photos and VIDEOS). Be patient, please!